My name is Tedra. I’m a poet and a writer in some aspects. I’m starting this blog because I wanted to have a place where my writing would not sit and collect dust. I chose the name poetically human because I am obsessive, cautious, a lover of silence, joyful, oblivious, and curious, and I present that side of myself through paper and pen. It is a complete representation of me as a human being and the best part: I have no rubric to follow. And now I’m sharing it all with you.

I write about any and everything. When a case of writer’s block hits, I like to look to people to get ideas. Although many suggest love, which I have countless about, I do occassionally get an idea that peaks my interest. I don’t have many friends who have read my work, but the ones that have seem to enjoy them, and I hope you will, too. Writing is a way to clear my head, and it’s the only thing that will always be reliable when wanting to express myself.

If you want to talk to me about my work or your work, please feel free to comment. You can even email me and follow my social networks.

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