High School

I saw your locker today

As I walked to math class

I wanted to say so much

But the frog in my throat

Refused to budge

The inside, now bare

Used to be filled with pictures of us

It’s funny

Because I never knew the color inside

Matched the color of the front

I turned away

As you turned around

Afraid to let you see me stare

After erasing all memory of us

I’m sure my presence

Was the last thing you’d want

I never cared for pictures before I met you

But you always did

Wanting to catch every moment

And seeing yours gone

Made me sad but happy

That I never took any of my own

I kept my eyes to the ground

Holding back tears as I walked

Remembering the comfort of friends

Alas who efforts failed

As I could never escape you

Not even in thought

I looked back to see you

Of course you were not there

Because for you

Life resumed as it should

While mine stayed stagnant

And could never return to normal

As I approached the door

The cool sensation of a tear ran

I closed my eyes

As the air burned

Hoping to seal them away

Inevitably walking past the door

It was as usual

Trying to cease them

I’d never succeed

In a world after you

Very good to keep pace with me

Dropping with every footstep

I trudged down the hall

To the stairs

I stopped and held on

No longer willing to move

I plopped down

To wallow in my misfortune

The memories flooded

As they tended to do

Since you left everything with me

So much noise inside

They shook, rattled away

I could never have a moment of silence

Heavy did it hang

On my shoulders

The weight of what we lost

Until a tap on the shoulder

A seat next to me later

You appeared with a sad smile

The frog dared not budge

Too tight with tears

No more room to breathe

You looked guilty

Knowing in times like these

We’re never meant to be by ourselves

Held in your hand

You scratched out

Our names on the white binder

Usually took with you to math

That you had opened just enough

Revealing one single picture left

The one I know was your favorite of us.


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