Trials Of A Hummingbird

I stood on the window pane
Frozen, afraid to fall
Wishing for something, anything
To break through that wall
I believed I could fly
I didn’t believe in my wings
Struck with fear, weary
I did nothing but cling
I stood there for some time, panicked
I began to hyperventilate
Too far for me to jump
To high for me to stay
I couldn’t find my voice
Never owned it in the first place
I was still hoping when it appeared
When it, a hummingbird, came my way
Watching from afar for a while
It was, not me
Never noticed it in the corner
Now here it was with a front row seat
Vibrant colors, soothing flutter
Just one touch, that’s all
I reach, it retreats, lose my balance
It wanted me to fall
I wouldn’t let it fool me
Wanted no part of that plan
Closed my eyes, please fly away
Couldn’t take a hint, decided to land
There it was, on my shoulder
Still for only my eyes to see
Gave me a rare beauty, once in a lifetime
Made me love it unintentionally
It took flight, up into the air
Beckoned and called to me again
This time I reached, it paused
Sent a sensation through my hand
The fear was gone, obsolete
Unknowingly let go of the window sill
I saw my wings for the first time
I believed I could fly at will
Wishing for something, anything
Couldn’t have been better if it were planned
A hummingbird grounded me
And I’m loving the view from this end.


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