I mean I get itSometimes I want to strangle me tooBut it’s not that simpleYou always talk so muchSo many words thrown aroundIt’s hard to listen to it allI speak but you don’t listenMaybe that’s why it’s hard to hearI can use itI try to the best of my abilityAdept and aware I amBut I know … Continue reading Irrational


What ticks me offIt’s you, it’s you causeSometimes I just wannaAHHHHHHWhen you’re aroundWhen you talkDo you even use itI mean it’s there for a reasonTrain it, teach itFor god sake, USE ITI mean even those who aren’t as adeptCan manage thatBut the matter always reveals itselfSo convenientlyI might addI mean it’s simpleDecisiveDisciplinedAnd yet you continue … Continue reading Rational

History Behind “Me Forgetting You”

*Sigh* Where do I even start... "Me Forgetting You" is an ode to all the ways I've attempted to forget a person who was, well has been a huge part of my life. More than ten years. I couldn't remove someone with that much intel and experience even if I (or the Men in Black) … Continue reading History Behind “Me Forgetting You”

(Not So) Random Obsessive Thought

If I ask you what you like about me after you proclaim that you “like me” and we are talking with the intent to date, none of the following is acceptable: 1.) “You’re cute”. Obviously there was some form of attraction when we agreed to talk. 2.) “You’re funny”. While I’ll admit that I do … Continue reading (Not So) Random Obsessive Thought

Why I Can’t Give A Second Chance

I don’t know if I want to be with you And your intentions could be good But while my heart saying second chance My mind screaming we’re through, it’s no good Chances like that I don’t believe in Which means people rarely receive one from me It’s not that I’m being selfish But it’s because … Continue reading Why I Can’t Give A Second Chance