The smell is here again
I remember it from when I was small
All the leaves are dying
But it’s beautiful the way they go
From shades of reds to oranges to yellows
All to leave the branches barren in the snow
This must be the season called Fall
The winds, they’re a bit colder
Leaving the nights to freeze
March sprung forward, so now fall back
People are bringing out every coat, mitten, and hat
Coughing, runny noses, and tissues
It’s the rebirth of this old trend
This must be the season called Fall
Halloween was welcomed with the help of pumpkins
It signified the end of October
The dressing, peach cobbler, and other scents of Thanksgiving
I loved those 4th Thursdays of November
Before presents and Santa Claus bring Christmas right along
And we write our New Year’s resolutions the last day of December
Then it must be the season called Fall.

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