What I Said

So, I said that I’d personally take the time to go through each one of my followers pages and check out some of their content….and I finally did. Below are pictures of your names that I wrote down the day I posted that. I was so shocked at how long some of you had been following me that I ended up writing out each one of your names. I messed up and started over at least twice, but it was something I wanted to do. Today, in the thick brush of insomnia, I spent the last few hours going to each page and reading a little content. All in all, I have to say that it is pretty amazing what some of you share with the world. Here I am always hesitant to share my thoughts with you select few, so much so I don’t even advertise that I have a blog on my social media pages. Yet, you all continue to do it with such conviction that I am attempting to own. I am grateful for the likes and comments I do receive no matter how many of them there are. And this was the only way I felt could show that appreciation. So, thank you for being patient enough to wait for my work and I hope that I’m not disappointing because it’s a privilege to own my blog (www.poeticallyhuman.com) finally and share my thoughts.

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