Despite All The Things

In lieu of finding out who you were

I tossed you to the side

I figured I could come back to you

Like a math problem I didn’t understand

I watched you age from the sidelines

You journaled how the isolation made you feel

But I never took the time to read your words

Instead, kept them intentionally out of reach

I’m sure if I had spent a little more time with you

We could’ve better understood us

And that’s my fault because I never made time

Always so consumed by Him

Then one day I saw you sitting there

Honestly, you were the only stranger I knew

I decided to ask about your thoughts and feelings

You had no complaints opening the bottle for me

For the first time, I witnessed your potential

Your willingness to share with me all that you had

No need to be self conscious

When all you ever wanted was for me to be self aware

I admit that we didn’t start off on the right foot

But I love the way we’re headed now

And all the while I started scrapbooking the fondness I have for you

In lieu of, in hopes of the day you declare your love for me.


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