History Behind “S.O.S.: Save OurSelves”

If you’ve seen some of my posts, you know that expressing emotion was and sometimes continues to be difficult for me. Anger is one emotion I had no control over…or shall I say one that I didn’t care if I had control over. On top anger, there were a plethora of different emotions that we have to learn how to handle ourself, and “S.O.S.: Save OurSelves” is a tribute to the struggle of learning how to deal with what I could never escape. As a poet, I know my mind better than I know things I’ve studied in college. Being someone who constantly itched to express their thoughts fully and then not being able to do that, took a small toll on my emotional health. All of the bottling up suddenly made me feel like I had no room in my head to be alone and create new ideas or escape judgment of those who told me that I wasn’t clear enough. I, a lover of solitude, became trapped in that very solitude I used to contain parts of me I didn’t want to address or could not express. Fortunately, a man with a piece of paper offered me the time and grace to learn how (along with a summer of anger management, lol). I’ve truly come a long way from the girl who wrote that poem, and I’m proud to say that.

Check out this poem: S.O.S.: Save OurSelves.

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