If satisfaction had one complaint

It’d be that he doesn’t know you

Always so quick to judge his quality

Never once enjoyed his efforts

Constantly picking out his flaws

Making his impression even weaker

So quick to quip back and forth

Without any time to fulfill your need

If satisfaction had one worry

It’d be that you’re lurking every corner

Ready to pounce on his attempts

Followed by a fierce chew out

Your incessant rejections

Waste no time in cutting him down

Forced yet again to retreat to safety

Where he cannot be killed by your hornets

If satisfaction had one wish

It’d be that you submitted to chance

Letting him approach you with care

Omitting any false hope you have

Showing that he is the better half

Two of which you have only known the latter

A new discovery to experience

With someone who will not carp

He could just as well have these desires

Yet, you continue your ridicule

Instilling in him that he will not

He may not ever seek to please you

So effortlessly was his ego frayed

Held deep beneath the inadequacy

All the while spending those days to mourn

He knew you’d never give him the satisfaction.

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