Is it you? Or is it you?

I’m not saying it’s not me…buuuuutttt it’s not me. Like I’m 26. I wasn’t into cutesy crap and being flirty when I was 16 and I’m damn sure not now. It’s already awkward enough for you to call me a pet name in the first couple of days where we’re getting to know each other. I can overlook that. But when you start with the ill thought out “Your mom” reply to “wyd” now I’m like absolutely not. That’s not funny. That’ll never be funny to me. And why do you insist on tacking “hehe” on the end of normal sentences. For example, “I’m just working ->hehe<- or I’m watching Die Hard {hehe}. What? I don’t understand why add the hehe. Maybe it’s your own personal “lol” (which I know is a lie because you use the hell out of that too).

I was genuinely interested in the beginning. Now I don’t know. I asked tons of questions to figure you out and there are things that I do like 🤔

But no seriously, is it just you?

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