Twin Considerate

We had a talk this afternoon

About the expectations I had

How he was glad to see me moving on

But happy to see it ended bad

He was arrogant as usual

Not far from a chauvinistic pig

Had the audacity to bring up size

Told me not everyone could be as big

He implied I was an unlucky loser

Said anyone close to him, I’d be fortunate

I didn’t know how far he’d go

Until he brought up our past like a dick

See he never listened when we dated

Never ever tried to hold his tongue

I simply wanted a real mature conversation

My mistake when asking this ex for his opinion

I had forgotten he was Inconsiderate

He had no intent to weigh in

He just wanted to dish out another angle

A viewpoint that would set back us again

Thoughtlessly causing hurt because I hurt him

Inconveniencing me and I’m sure there are others

I knew I should’ve invited someone else to lunch

Damn, he really isn’t the better brother.

2 thoughts on “Twin Considerate

  1. I wonder If I know this brother that you wrote of or have I had similar experiences when leaning on someone for advice whom I have known and felt I could trust but have forgot why we are not together because of time and space.

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