Let this be your only warning

Don’t embrace the anxiety, don’t let her call you

The girl is literally out of her mind

All she consumes is uncontrollable fear

The first time around it was cute

All worried for no reason

I thought it was sweet she cared

Boy, did my eyes deceive me

The second time, okay, it was me

I’ll give her that

But she went overboard with the fifth one

How did she even hear about it

Actually I lied, maybe

Because I forgot about the eighth, or was it the tenth

I’m thinking of the time she scaled the building

Yeah, that was definitely the eleventh

The onset of worry

The minute she starts freaking out

And God forbid I try and bring it up

Because she’d Panic about that too

The fourteenth was my favorite in particular

You should have seen her dramatic display

The upside, she was relieved to see me alive

The downside, she stayed all night

I’m baffled she didn’t know what she was doing

On the twenty fifth I had to give her a clue

I may have insinuated I wanted to smash her plate in

And throw away each and every ceramic apology bowl

Too far, so I’d thought

It took until the thirty third time around

Said she’d be busy, met a guy named Pane

Unfortunately fortunate, pretending to be sad when saying goodbye.

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