Ranty Rant

Let me just sit this right here:

Well I see the conversation is getting shorter by the days. And I don’t want to waist my time or yours.”–Someone who uses homophones interchangeably

Now…this here is partly the reason why my peers are ridiculous. Because in order to waste time with somebody, you have to actaully spend time with that person. If you start a conversation with “I prefer to talk on the phone” and me knowing damn well I don’t, I will make the effort to talk on the phone. But when you follow it up with “I’m a horrible texter” and I STILL decide to talk to you, then obviously I’m thinking there’s something here. SO, the fuck you mean the conversation was getting shorter by the days. It was already short if it wasn’t on the phone. I felt like I was wasting my time texting you, but I knew either you’d call me or I’d be sitting in my room and (against my true cynical nature) I’d call you. Yet, it was the conversation through text “getting shorter by the days” that made you aware of the time being wasted…*folds hands in lap and gives the really face* Alright. Alright. #YouTextBackHoursLaterAndExpectTheConversationToContinueButNowIDon’tKnowWhatWeWasTalkingAbout

And they wonder why I don’t want to invite these folks nowhere.

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