My Favorite Person

I hope you’re okay

An image of you fluttered by

In my head

Your blue eyes

Your hair

Either unkempt with a clip

Or your signature ponytail

Both dirty blonde

You were always soft spoken

But your laugh

A soft, yet louder boom

One often heard

As we watched American Horror Story

In your living room

Though I never really wanted to

But you did

So I did

I was content with your happiness

As your friend

I hope you’re okay

As I sat watching

The girl on the screen

As she guzzled her troubles away

My mind flashed back

To that one night

A night full of laughter

Ample spirits in hand

The night you confessed

Confided in me

Reasons you never say no to a drink

Sorrow filled eyes

As you stared into your cup

A brief moment of uncertainty

On your part

You cut it with a smile

But I knew you weren’t okay

I followed up with a reply

Told you

You managed to find the tricky parts

Of a drink

Parts that want to consume you

Forcing you to sip away

Until you forget

Forget how many

Forget your name

Forget how sweet you are

Making you fortifyingly aggressive

I made sure you were okay

Celebrating with you

A ritual now

But all the while attentive to detail

We inhibited thought together

On happy occassions

Emotionally processed them

When it was not

I looked after you when we were together

But those other times

I worried when you were alone

From the moment I met you until you left

I called you “favorite person”

Because I knew that you were

Even after you left

I found myself

Missing our American Horror Story nights

The most

My only message for you Sydney

Several years later

I hope you found someone

To fill in for me

When you feel like drinking alone

And of course

I hope you’re okay.


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