I can’t seem to find it
There’s no pulse
Figure it out
Why can’t I feel it
I lost track of it
The beat, it’s faint
Off beat
The other language creeping
Creeps through veins
Ansiedad, it ripples
Replacing the off tempo
Beat, anxiety, beat
It’s loud
The picture blurs
The ringing sings
The pulse drowns
Now it pounds
Pressuring me
Forcing my chest down
On the ground
Here we now sit
Pound, anxiety, pound
I can’t feel it
The cold onsets
Begging calm
Calming the pound
Icing the fondness
The breath now slows
A dense steam
Soothes the beat
The chest, no heave
Finds it
Barely breathing
I reach past
Overlook anxiety
I can feel it
Free me

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