When You’re Not In The Equation

You say you don’t understand
How I can be me, and still be we
But that’s not a difficult thing
He is he and she is she
But together, they’re a collective, a whole, one thing
I mean
He likes she and she likes he
Together, those two, that’s a relationship
A we
Now I don’t see any other way
That you can be you and I can be me
And not be we
I don’t understand how…
I can like you and you can like me
When you can’t see the picture of we
I’m painting for you
From where I’m standing, it’s a beautiful thing
But from your end
I can’t see how this is blocking your view
Explain, I mean
Is it really we that you can’t view
Or is it me and you that you can’t see
What if I subtract me and add her
Better yet, subtract you and add him
Would you see the we that me and him could be
Picture us
Now wouldn’t that be a difficult thing.


5 thoughts on “When You’re Not In The Equation

    1. I admit that this topic can be very complex. It is something that I still find myself and others struggling with while in a relationship. No one wants to lose themselves in a relationship, but you also don’t want to let yourself hinder what you could have with someone just because you’re trying to be your own person. Each party is an individual in charge of their own sense of feeling whole, but still has the responsibility to be a whole, be complete, together.


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