Insecure, Dull, Ultimately Wrecked
The very few words left to describe the way he was
If even that was what he was.
The essence of him
Different than usual
You could feel the vibe in the air
A vibe that left him sort of just standing there
Distant seem to be the look he was only capable of
You never saw this kind of normal and happier buzz
He was no longer the blunt guy I knew before
Now he was “Who is that guy?”, “Oh him, the bore.”
The broken-hearted were better off than he
I was left with no idea of what it could be
From me, he was slowly slipping away
I wished we could just return to the old days
He masked all the emotions behind his face
He had thrown me out of that special place
It’s like his life was leaving him behind
I refused to let that happen this time
He knew that I had strived for the space I once had
He even knew I’d do anything to bring him back
He had to know that his place in my heart was dear
And that if he needed me, I would always be here
That guy I had been used to, finally came back
For that, I am glad
It was my voice that was the one he could hear
And for him to leave me again
Is the only thing that I am left to fear.

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