From The Spider’s Perspective

I’m hungry

Extremely hungry

But for what, I don’t know

I don’t care

It’s been a while since this one fed me

Maybe it’s time to let it go

Wait a minute

It couldn’t be

I’m not nearly hungry enough to imagine this

These tantalizing vibrations on my strings

What the hell is this?

So puny and weak

Such a vile thing

It could never suffice me

I’d soon starve rather than feed

I’ll release it, in hopes I guess

Something better is on it’s way

I’ve released it

Yet it flutters there in the air, strange

No concern of mine

If I’ve set it free and it’s not aware, oh

Something so soon has been caught

But these vibrations are similar to my first snare

Why are they so precise, staggered

It’s almost like they’re summoning me

Caught again, stupid prey

But there’s something different about this time

It’s perfectly still, almost content

Making contact with all my eyes

Terror no longer preoccupies it’s mind

Looks more like love, that’s foolish

How can the prey love me, that runt

My only desire is to kill the prey, my lunch

Confused, I step back

It panics, tries to move closer

My only thought: kill it now

This could all be over

That’s it, I’ll do it

Remove it from my sight

It lusts for me, I lust for food

It’s offsetting the balance of life

I am the spider

It is the prey

To love this that is nothing

Not even if I survive one more day.


This is the rebuttal for my poem: In Love With Spider When I’m The Prey

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