A New Kind of Medicine

Everybody has an opinion about what we need to do

But the more you patronize me, the less advice that’s gets through

I need you to understand me

Not criticize what I did or will do

I need you to want me

Not cast me aside like old news

I need you to hear me

Not think what you thought you heard me say

I need you to see me

Not through me, I’m not glass

I need you to show me

Not give me directions and expect me to learn

I need you to not ask

Sometimes it’s better if you don’t know

I need you to respect me always

Not only when you think it’s fair

I need to count on you

Not on my fingers, I’m not five

I need you to fear me at times

Do not think I will bring you no harm

I need you to trust me

Not not trust me because I don’t trust you

I need you to be patient

Not skim through what’s right there

I need you to talk with me

Not at me, I’m not your dog

Considering all that, I don’t need you to love me differently

In that aspect, you’re doing just fine

But do consider taking what I’ve prescribed.


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