The After Thoughts

I heard there’s someone new now

For a fleeting moment, I was sad

Then the thought of past relationships

Failed attempts, fluttered on by

I began to wonder

Is she nice to you?

Can she cook like grandma?

Does she laugh at your jokes?

Has she sung to you?

Is she enough?

Does she give you what you want?

Then I paused

Had to realize what was happening

As if I cared what she was like

I was more worried for her than you

Would you, could you

Even live up to her expectations

And would you work harder than ever

To cover up what you put us all through

I wondered why I cared

Because I didn’t, but I do

A sad, but inevitable truth

The toxicity alone could’ve been the death of me

Sitting here laughing to myself

Because I stopped hoping the first time I moved on

I guess curiosity got the best of me

Curious I was about someone new

Curious about someone you knew nothing about

Wondering if you drown in a love so deep

If it’ll hurt when she’s gone

This may be wrong of me to say

But is it really after what I had to endure

If it turns out she’s not the one

It’d be great if you didn’t see it coming

There’s an intense amount of pain

When someone leaves you alone to fight through the drought.


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