History of “The Cure”

I originally wrote “The Cure” on November 6, 2015. I was thinking of things to write which led me to text a friend who I’d send poems to through the mail. We ended up hashing out ideas and set to work. Now this friend is a friend I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since middle school, the early years. The years of the awkward puberty stages. Back then, I thought of him as a friend, but I always acknowledged part of me liked him. However, I was content. Years passed and we kept in touch. I sent him more poems and I would bounce ideas off of him. Then one day, we decided to hang after years of not seeing each other in person. I thought it would be awkward, but once I saw him it was like we had just seen each other the day before. So we hung out as friends, but it seemed like a date. On this friend date, I got a rare glimpse of his competitiveness and it was more attractive than it should have been. We walked a lot and talked about everything. Turned out he had always had a crush on me since middle school. Even as the words left his mouth I was completely oblivious. All I could do was smile because it was so ironic. I even admitted that I had liked him, too. From that moment until the end of that “date”, I no longer could only see him as Chucks (a nickname I’d given him). After that day ended, we continued to talk as friends. We shared accomplishments and goals and ideas. He became a great friend, although, it never moved past that. There were times when it headed the right direction, but that in itself, the timing, was always the issue. Now, I find myself in times thinking back to all the things we talked about, and I find slithers of like left for him, but I always figure I’ll see him next lifetime…if not later on in this one. His soul has always vibed with mine and that’s exactly what “The Cure” is about.

P.S.: Although the poem mentions a kiss, we never did.

Check out the poem here: The Cure

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