History Behind “Me Forgetting You”

*Sigh* Where do I even start…

“Me Forgetting You” is an ode to all the ways I’ve attempted to forget a person who was, well has been a huge part of my life. More than ten years. I couldn’t remove someone with that much intel and experience even if I (or the Men in Black) possessed the power to erase memories. There is always something around every corner that reminds me of something we shared. There was even a whole fucking show I couldn’t watch because every good moment associated with the show just reminded me that eventually came the bad…and he didn’t fight when I was too tired to keep fighting. I wanted nothing more than to remove the mere thought of him from my head. I even imagined it, anatomically correct and all, going inside my mind severing all synapses and axons connecting to any neuron associated with him. After realizing that I wasn’t a brain surgeon (and wasn’t planning to be one), I was able to conclude that though it would’ve been hella helpful, removing him from my head was impossible. There hadn’t been one day since I met him and he told me how he felt that I didn’t think of him. There was no way to remove someone like that from your head completely, and I learned that as painful as it was I couldn’t unlove him. Then I learned that that was okay.

Check out this Poem: Me Forgetting You.

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