You know we’ll never understand

The thin line between

See there’s love and there’s hate

But in the middle

There’s a path, a fixture, a beam

It’s a place we’re familiar with

We know all too well

A place where we don’t intend to stay

Then realize it’s always been home

We deviate from this road

Once, twice, third times a charm

But the lucky ones are those

Those who can say their final goodbyes

It calls to us who can’t

Beckons us in such a way

Entices us with the promises of love

Serenades us with the delusions of hate

See with love comes feelings

Every one we’ve ever known

Content, worry, compassion all masks for love

Love being the ultimate costume of the show

It reassures us when we’re down

It catches most of us off guard

It rearranges us head over heels

It can’t even compare to gold

With hate comes fury

Repulsion, disgust, utter dislike

It gets under your skin

A bug that feeds rage to the mind

It pushes us way past our limits

It’s an experiment tracking just how far we’ll go

It let’s us take a part of something

And tear it down until there’s nothing left to hold

The line is there to test our patience

It teases first with it’s appeal

It ridicules us from afar

It tortures the soul

The line flaunts what we can’t have

It damages how we feel

It brings longing and desire

And we’re hooked just where it wants

A fine line, it is indeed

Such an easy thing to disrupt

It smells wonderful in the air

It’s disguises are breathtaking

The lucky ones are those

Those who don’t walk the line for long

The lucky ones are those

Who manage to cut their tether from the pole

It clings to us in such a way

The line of lust between love and hate

I’ll rejoice the day I’m free from withdrawal

For now, I’ll answer every potent beck and call.


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