Middle Of The Morning

You up?

I know damn well I shouldn’t be

And in those few seconds 

Where I’m deciding 

If I am or not

I know you know all too well

That I am

Otherwise you would never ask

You cast the line out

Just to see if I nibble

When you know I will

So I say I’m up

What now

Another droll conversation

About what I’ve been up to

Or do you jump straight in

With I miss you

Do you miss me

I miss the way

I used to wake up 

To all of your personalities

Do you think about me


I know you know

That I still do

But you need proof

That I’m still holding on

Pining after you

Not at all

The lie I always tell

But even you know

I was never good

Could never slide a lie past you

So you pretend it’s the truth

But keep at it

As your tactics 

Grow stronger

Though I grow weary

Until I’m laying up

With thoughts of you

Left to ponder

Until it’s my turn

To send that impulsive text

Cause now you’ve got me wondering if

You up?

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