Just A Rant

This is just too much. Entertaining people for this long just to make them like you. Putting on your best parts of your personality to showcase the you in a new light. All for the affection of a stranger. It's tiring at times...but then I realized that it's not. It's just tiring with the wrong … Continue reading Just A Rant

To An Addict, From An Addict Who Tried

I've seen you do it before In the corner when no one's watching Heard you in the bathroom stall Third from the left to be exact The twitching is methodic, isn't it? I guess you're sick of the constant sniffling Secret rendezvous spots behind the tracks I guess you haven't discovered the boiler room yet … Continue reading To An Addict, From An Addict Who Tried

Our Faults

They both did dirty But this here is a group thing Liars, believers Double agents and deceivers Are what we consist of More like a relationsh*t Than friends in a relationship We love each other But honesty isn’t found in our love No filters but plenty secrets Plus the guys outnumber the girls Lust and … Continue reading Our Faults