Does Rant Imply It Bothers Me

I’ve always wondered if that’s specifically what Rant implied. It doesn’t bother me or make me upset in any kind of way. My friends are an acquired taste and I’m glad to see that there are people that they genuinely like and are interested in (because oh dear God they’re difficult, 😅😬 but then again that’s why we get along). Now, it’s just at the point where it’s like damn everybody’s dating. Literally them all and I’m over here bored with everyone trying to talk to me…and we all know how tired I am of being bored (literally a whole rant about that). Based on less than recent but important advice, I am still being open minded and looking further than what I’m used to, but who knew they’d be even worse than what I do like 😂😂 but that is besides the point. Someone told me to be patient but only if they knew how patient I’ve been for the last *cough over number too embarrassed to say* years then be patient would not be what they’d say. I was thinking more like “Damn, do you need some help?” Lmao. But nah I think I’m good…at least until I’m bored and start swiping again. It’s a very vicious cycle.

P.S. I’m not falling back into old habits of not posting. Work started again and it’s taking my weekday free time. But I have written a few things I’d like to share. So don’t give up on me 😁

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