Colorblind Before You

I’m colorblind
No color in my eyes
Yes, I learned the colors
Yes, I know that they’re there
But for me they never chose to hang around
From birth I was born into a gray lair
Every bird is black
Every butterfly is grey
I was once asked what color flower bumblebees prefer
With no answer, imagine my dismay
My days were mostly gloomy
No matter if the sun shined bright
But the thing that never strayed far from normal
Were the dark skies and starry nights
I always have to ask a person
Do these clothes match, take their points
Yes everyone has a few consultants
But mine are a necessity, not a want
Light and dark really have no meaning
What in the hell are hues?
My primary colors are white, grey, and black
Whereas, yours are red, yellow, and blue
My cat is black, though I’m told she’s orange
My coffee just has to be sweet
I accepted living in that dull colorless world
Until you changed my vision with what you see
Instead of telling me the trees are green
You explained how they change in the fall
Instead of telling me the sky is blue
You told me sometimes it is grey and so is the fog
You didn’t tell me what color the flower was
You gave me all the different smells and types
You never told me how to dress
Instead, you introduced me to polka dots and stripes
I knew the difference between days and nights
You gave me the planets confused with stars at first sight
I knew the sun was hot and the moon was wide
You taught me the role they both played with the tide
Instead of telling me all apples weren’t red
You gave me caramel, so it didn’t matter if it was sour
I always had the colors
But you gave me the knowledge, a wonderful power
I was colorblind before you
Before you came at just the right time
I was colorblind before you
Somehow you managed to put the color back in my eyes.


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