Me Forgetting You

I can’t unlove you.

Though I wish I could

Remove a part of me that I’m fond of

Just to rid myself of misery

I can’t forget about us 

You won’t believe how many times I tried

Trying to reassociate you and familiar feelings

But those connections in my long term memory….such a bitch

I can’t succeed

They fail when compared to you

You showed me how it could be different

Now I’m plagued by what I want 

I can’t shut my brain off

It’s flooded with pictures of our saga

Even when there’s no point in keeping you around

Somehow my mind jogs right back to you

I can’t pretend like I don’t care

I mean I can, but I don’t want to

Your face, your presence embedded in a nerve

Oh how I wish to remove it

I can’t remember the old

There’d be no chance for the new

The pros will always outweigh the cons

At least until I can no longer count the ways

I can’t hold on to the past, to history

But I also can’t unlove you.


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