A Gift For The Abyss

Taking a piece off the table

Savoring its beauty

Was it mine from the beginning 

Or was it just something that was meant to be left behind

Would someone come back for it

Never seemed that important

I’d be thankful if it were mine

Does it perfectly describe my tone

Hanging by that one line 

Engraved with the tales of age

Keeping it would make no difference to the place where it laid

Whispers of “No puedes” circling what remains

A thing of such amazing composition and structure 

It leaves it’s everlasting presence on my hands

It built a certain serenity during its stay

Disturbing its peace may be a corruption I put in place

No point to dare myself

Why won’t my soul let me leave it here

If I can’t have it

No one will or should have the pleasure of keeping it

The convenience of the deep shadow

My reach couldn’t grasp the bottom

It deserves to be free from the hands of those who pass it

My steps bring the ground’s indent near

Caress the line and stone once more

Taking in one last breath of it’s beauty 

As it slips away there is still such grace

It falls and I watch until there is nothing left to see

It’s in the state where it first began

Instead it now lays undisturbed, treasured

If I can’t have it or they

Let it be from us a gift for the abyss.


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