On One Side

When they ignore me

It’s for the best

When you ignore me

It’s kind of cruel

They will always take what I say to heart

But for my words you’re too aloof

They pretend like what I do doesn’t phase them

I know for a fact you don’t care

They want to dance around the question

You, however, were already there

It’s different when they lie to me

It’s scary when you do

I could care less about what they care to hide

But I’ll even pay to get your truth 

They’re afraid to set me down

For you I switch feet just to stand

They feed and toast me at the table

All the while I’m content with the scraps from your hand

With them they blatantly give me their cards

With you it’s like I forget how to bluff

I’m always their star of the show

You cast me in case someone doesn’t show up 

It’s going to take them a while to catch on

You took no time in figuring it out

I don’t have to wonder if they’ll stay with me 

I’ll be loyal to you without a doubt

I don’t need their reassurance 

But it is something I’ll continue to have

I don’t know what you need from me

But I’ll keep giving until it drives me mad.


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