In Love With Spider When I’m The Prey

Hanging to what it was in the past

Wanting this so bad it drives me mad

If I could’ve been warned of how it would end

I could’ve been prepared to revert back again

Life without the lust is different to me

Life without the sin ain’t where I want to be

Trust me when I say it was remarkably fun

Like that time when… i’ll just hold onto that one

Fire and ice, nothing but steam

Not a day where your face didn’t invade my dream

Yes it’s rare but I’m giving out a second chance

A third, fourth, and fifth if it’s in the demands

Give me my space but it’s been too long, had too much

Space ain’t what I need, more like that sense, um…touch

This was my drug, trust was my fault

Love was the habit, in your web is where I’m still caught.


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