Feed me. The bird always beckoned.

Feed me. That’ll give me the strength to feed you, too.

Feed me, feed me, feed me

The only thing ravenous about my hunger, it has to be you.

But how can I complete what is so foreign to me?

I’ve never ate the way you have

I ache for air, you’re desperate for sustenance

I’m not even sure what feed you means, in all honesty

You’ll die if you can’t feed on what I can forage for you

Feed me. Who says that matters?

Feed me. I only ask for nourishment.

Feed me, feed me, feed me

You’re right, but I could die ravenous knowing you cared.

How could you want from me?

To entrust something so significant as life

You have the whole nine yards, all I’ve ever had was my soul

I can’t understand how you’d soon starve rather than feed

Feed me. In spite of everything.

Feed me. Even if all you have is an empty soul.

Feed me, feed me, feed me…

I never lacked the basic necessities such as food.

I simply had my heart set and became ravenous for you.


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