(Weak)end Vibes

I danced with temptation yesterday

Oh how beautiful he was

So long was he gone

But of course could I ever forget him

The all, but subtle glances he stole

Forcing me to remember the natural attraction

The air always so still between us

A familiar high amplified solely around him

Mesmerized to the exclusion of all else

Watching his lips caress the crook as my name flows out of his mouth

Hesitant to touch what he says I can have

Eager to find out when the connection rooted so deep

Trying to figure out when did he become a whole vibe

Not only able to challenge my integrity

But bold enough to put my resistance to the test

The vigorous amount of unyielding eye contact

The brief, yet calculated touches, so potent

Shook my inner queen’s strength from her knees

Irresistibly enticed by him

Sultry tones carry the melody

Falling victim to his male siren song

He coerced me to see what I should’ve already had

He offered me the meal

It was only I who took a small taste

Relentless when expressing they are going nowhere

Faulty as I try to walk on the stable yellow bricks

When it’s obvious he’s made me a clear and cut path

Yesterday temptation went on a date with me

Showing me just how attainable he was

Leaving the deck in my hand

It seems becoming my only want was always his end goal.


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