There’s always a sliver of light

That I can never seem to reach

Been traveling in this tunnel for so long

Led by the only bit of life I can see

The ground is dry and hard

The pool of water is a puddle

Registering cold and warm is hard

Trying to feel anything has been trouble

A sliver, the only sign of hope

Teasing that there’s more outside this rock

Is also the sign of despair

Live simulation under key and lock

The terrible side of limbo

The hundreds of unaccompanied walks

An endless pacing back and forth

Countless wishes that these walls could talk

Not every day do I look through that crack

Some days it’s only me

Thankful for the water that drips above my head

And the edible plants growing beneath my feet

But when the temptation gets too strong

I place my eye just in the wide bit

I relish in what’s inches away

If only my whole body could fit

The days I’m at my saddest

The same times I’m at my lowest point

It used to be that sliver that kept the blood rushing

The only times I’d ever felt real warmth

But today, I’m a breath away from breaking

I’m one glance away from never turning back

I’m tired of looking out into that world

Reminding myself of everything this cave lacks

I turn, staggering away from the light

Wondering how I’ll ever cope

Because I’m about to fill in the last line

Sealing off the last glint of hope

Grabbing a handful of pebbles and dirt

“Hey! Hey!” A voice screams desperately from behind

Trembling as a tear rolls down my cheek


Staring through at me

Is the first eye to ever look back at mine.


4 thoughts on “Sliver

      1. I tend to drift in and out of tunnels… the only way to keep my sanity at times is to write. We all need to find something that helps us find our way out of the darkness back into the light. Nothing better than feeling the sun….


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