Crushing Time

It may be harder than I thought

To talk to you and not talk to you

Then those times I have to catch myself

Because I’m staring when I shouldn’t be

But the energy alone is the reason I can’t

I can’t stop vibing, connecting

When you’re something I want

It’s just what my soul does next to yours

I try hard to do good when the pressure onsets

Your careless closeness taunts me

Even the tone in which you insinuate

Tells me I’m terribly lost when it comes to you

Be as it may, I continue to try

Because in this minute, at these uncertain times

It’s not the right time to feel you

But it may be harder than I thought

Wise scales me like a mountain

But your mind is the only important peak

I can’t begin to tell you how this crush

And that’s exactly what it is

Because I find myself closeting feelings for you

Cramming inside that chest

That I can never seem to find the key for

Only because I burnt it way back when

In a period I spent writing love letters to idiots

A lockless, seared, overflowing box

But all the while, a crush nonetheless

An unfortunate likeness in a beautiful game of odds

And it’s definitely harder than I thought.


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