It’s Not Science Rocket

The name was actually an error on my part and then it just kind of stuck.

Studying the rocket science of my love

I looked at the topography below

Maybe it was too ambitious

Lost on a journey

No legend, no key

A bit too much natural on the artificial side

My landscape must have been treacherous

Not too rocky

A couple steep hills

Possibly there were too many uneven slopes

It could’ve been the contoured lines

Sharp landforms

Valiant river

Maybe not finding the right angle for my teeth

Or was it that, in this light

The area was too radiant

Too concrete

Truly humble underneath the chart

Found nothing, so I evaluated the chemistry

Checked beakers

Test tubes

Every last single Erlenmeyer flask

But the system was stable

All bubbling


No discoloration of any sort

I had the perfect solution

Two elements

One compound

But the chemicals just didn’t mix

Seemingly neutralized

Supported base

A placid fixture

No wonder it was all of woe

Still with no luck, I studied the biology

The makeup

The processes

The structure of why I am how I am

The freckled, dimpled face

One dominant gene

Another unpredictable allele

Couldn’t identify the mutation at hand

I glazed over the features

Acute nose

Almond eye

Just the right geno-to-phenotype

I even went to the microscopic level


Naturally selected

Entirely too many viable units of inheritance

After all the hypothesizing

Albeit, one of many an educated guess

It was then that I looked to the obvious

An indiscretion

A malfunctioning error

There was simply no fuel propelling my rocket up.


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