Why I Can’t Give A Second Chance

I don’t know if I want to be with you

And your intentions could be good

But while my heart saying second chance

My mind screaming we’re through, it’s no good

Chances like that I don’t believe in

Which means people rarely receive one from me

It’s not that I’m being selfish

But it’s because in relationships

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Free to be loved and protected

But also wounded and scarred

And I’m fine with these things

Because that’s how first chances are

See second chances are different

There’s no telling if things will change

So who told everyone about second chances

Where you could go through the same crap again

You may say people like me are afraid of the pain

And that is where you are wrong

I for one think heartbreak helps you grow

And learn from mistakes that are old

See that’s exactly the point I’m trying to make

And who knows

A second chance could be great

But I’ll rather be content with no regrets

Than give a chance to you once more

And have the people who love me think

Oh how stupid is she.


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