Everlasting Idiot

Though written in a year of tragedy, it feels more fitting to this year.”

He be a fool who kills a child

Mentally immoral, physically unbound

He who does such deserves no life

Take a step backwards and another

Slowly into the word that is my knife

A man such as this has no soul

Desperately they who seek justice

Never reach their goal

But they’ll wait for him to tread no man’s land

Poker faced, patiently waiting

He who violates a child

Deserves no mourn, no sorrow

His only right is to his last meal

He shall no longer hope for tomorrow

A man such as this is not a man

He is a foul, sorry excuse for a guy

And they who wait patiently, watch

Knowing he’ll slip up one day

When he carelessly walks by

He is no he, indeed un-fatherly

They wish no fate with he

Kids who may befriend friends of those

He made suffer indefinitely

He is no he, they know this definitely

He is a killer, an abuser, and now only a victim

Of my once clean paper and full pen.


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