I didn’t know I was emotionally unstable until I met you. They always said I didn’t react the same as everyone else, but it was cool. I had me and that was all that mattered…then I had you. 

I didn’t know that I played the victim until I was told by you. But when did the victim become someone who expressed their feelings openly, especially when I was encouraged to. 

I didn’t know that I could keep so much inside until you forced me to. It’s hard to explain myself when all I ever feel is that I’m wrong. I guess I need to trade my abrasive side for a backbone.

I didn’t know that you would always be right until you were right the first time. The way you repeat my words back to me as if I’m incompetent….condescending much. 

I couldn’t have known that I would wind up thinking that I was the problem because of you. It was all okay until you. 

Until you set your eyes on me.


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