History Behind “When You’re Not In The Equation”

“When You’re Not In The Equation” is a poem slathered with confrontation. It’s a conversation that doesn’t want to be had, but happens anyway because it’s confused. I could never understand how he could show affection and love, while at the same time make me question the validity of our relationship. I’ve always been a … Continue reading History Behind “When You’re Not In The Equation”

Just A Rant

This is just too much. Entertaining people for this long just to make them like you. Putting on your best parts of your personality to showcase the you in a new light. All for the affection of a stranger. It's tiring at times...but then I realized that it's not. It's just tiring with the wrong … Continue reading Just A Rant

Our Faults

They both did dirty But this here is a group thing Liars, believers Double agents and deceivers Are what we consist of More like a relationsh*t Than friends in a relationship We love each other But honesty isn’t found in our love No filters but plenty secrets Plus the guys outnumber the girls Lust and … Continue reading Our Faults