A word which previously had no meaning to him

A word that he had never truly came across before

But at this instance

This moment in time

It had become the only word he could think of


How could she be so selfish

The kid I knew

The girl I grew with

The one I loved

The person I knew in-ti-mate-ly

All those magic tricks I had up my sleeve

But she had her final performance all set up for me

Betrayed is how he felt

Correction how he feels

He wonders if she’s done it once or multiple times

To just him or were there also multiple guys

Confrontation isn’t the satisfaction he’s after

But his only way to understand is to ask


She turned on me

Unjust, heartfelt, no hand made apologies

I wasn’t supposed to change for her

I’m not the one who should be standing where she stood

Watching as my ambition and hope seep through the floor

Left alone remembering I had a couple of fucks she could’ve packed


He believes they’re all playing the game

He doesn’t care if they’re lying or not

The one, yeah she broke his heart

He turned his back and she stabbed at first sight

A good man forced to go bad

The twisted ending to a cynical plot

His every relationship, every ounce of new contact

Is hopeless…at least until Karma drags her back.


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