Damsel In Distress

You stress me out

You stress me out

You make me grind my teeth

After all this time

I finally realize it’s not healthy for me

You make me angrier when I’m already mad

Got me fumbling

And I just learned to walk

You make me wanna punch the wall

Like I used to

Because my words escape me

When I need to talk

Under my skin

Crawl out from underneath

Got me tugging at the strings of my hair

You’re still fucking with my head

Why the fuck do you stress me out?

My face cringes

When I try to be emotional

My brain’s frustration

Puts a strain on my neck

I try hard to go at my own pace

But when people push me

I push wholeheartedly back

You wanna know what’s wrong with me?

You, it’s you because

You stress me the fuck out.


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