To An Addict, From An Addict Who Tried

I’ve seen you do it before

In the corner when no one’s watching

Heard you in the bathroom stall

Third from the left to be exact

The twitching is methodic, isn’t it?

I guess you’re sick of the constant sniffling

Secret rendezvous spots behind the tracks

I guess you haven’t discovered the boiler room yet

You seem alert, eyes on everything

You say you’re cautious, but come on, I know

The cool glow of the fluorescents is enticing

The sun’s light just seems to burn these days

You’re not really sick when you go home

Does he pick you up a couple of blocks down the street?

Do you say the marks are from a drunk boyfriend or step-dad?

Upon observation, they’re really self inflicted

I bet the heat has started clawing at your skin

FYI, it’s not hot in here, it’s just you

Have you stopped going home every day?

There’s nothing like the day they find out the truth

All your friends have disappeared

From depression, you’ll eventually overdose, no doubt

When you wake up in the hospital, to your surprise

Your bag’s empty, phone destroyed, IV in your arm

And the worst part, in your condition, in front of you

Your parents are debating throwing you out

So now your choices are clean up and move or foster home

The best advice, forget everything you know

Who am I to say what’s good for you?

If you knew me then you wouldn’t do half the shit you do

They all stare at what I see every day

I’m the new kid that once lost her way

The permanent tweak, the tattered skin

The constant nose bleeds, the long doctor visits

Your small town doesn’t know my family

Permanent records state they don’t exist

I haven’t seen my friends in two years

I’ll forever walk alone, but I won’t quit

No need for attitude and by the looks of it

You’ll be where I was in a month

And when you realize you’re there, you had all the warning signs

Don’t ask for my help

Because you might be addicted

But I wouldn’t know.


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