(Not So) Random Obsessive Thought

If I ask you what you like about me after you proclaim that you “like me” and we are talking with the intent to date, none of the following is acceptable:

1.) “You’re cute”. Obviously there was some form of attraction when we agreed to talk.

2.) “You’re funny”. While I’ll admit that I do like to make others laugh, most of it is just misunderstood or misguided sarcasm.

3.) “You’re smart”. I teach kids to read for a living and graduated high school and college (which you would know) so I like to believe that there is some semblance of knowledge inside my head.

Though I will accept and appreciate these compliments, that’s not what people want to hear when they want to know what you like about them. They want to know that you’ve been listening and that you like them for the things that they told you in confidence and the things that make them who they are.

And you BETTER believe, that if you ask me what I like about you, I will be able to tell you that I like you because of the way your hand instinctively tries to hide your gorgeous smile every time you laugh because you don’t think it’s nice or the fact that you smile whenever our eyes meet and it makes me a little nervous or that after you kiss me you clench your jaw and it flexes which is kind of hot. I will always know what I like about you and those things will always remind me why.

I hope I don’t sound rude. I just mean that there is so much more to me and anybody else than being cute, smart, and/or funny.

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