Short Story #1 of Who Knows

I was very nervous to post this, but I realized this is the place to share it. This is a place where I can just be creative and hopefully entice people enough to read my work. This one in particular was from a dream. I dreamt of a bayou-esque setting and a girl who longed … Continue reading Short Story #1 of Who Knows

Letters To You

I've wrote countless letters. Seemingly meaningless letters to you. Ones counting the days. Ones counting the hours. Ones counting minutes. Ones counting the ways. Yet, they never come to you. They've never seen your face. They've never heard your voice. They're left to wonder who and exactly what are they in ode to. A hiding … Continue reading Letters To You

Random Obsessive Thought

If you guys were truly friends first, there will be occasional talking afterwards. You'll spend time talking about the daily things happening with you and the random things you don't talk about with anyone else. There will be intermittent flirting throughout followed by reminders of how platonic you are now. People will question why you … Continue reading Random Obsessive Thought

A Long Awaited Epiphany

I'm always thankful for those days when I completely forget about us. Those days when I'm enjoying life as an optimist and not searching for answers as to why we never worked. On those days, I don't see your face flashing through my head. I don't hear your voice telling me what I should do … Continue reading A Long Awaited Epiphany

History of “The Cure”

I originally wrote "The Cure" on November 6, 2015. I was thinking of things to write which led me to text a friend who I'd send poems to through the mail. We ended up hashing out ideas and set to work. Now this friend is a friend I've had the pleasure of knowing since middle … Continue reading History of “The Cure”

The After Thoughts

I heard there’s someone new now For a fleeting moment, I was sad Then the thought of past relationships Failed attempts, fluttered on by I began to wonder Is she nice to you? Can she cook like grandma? Does she laugh at your jokes? Has she sung to you? Is she enough? Does she give … Continue reading The After Thoughts

(Weak)end Vibes

I danced with temptation yesterday Oh how beautiful he was So long was he gone But of course could I ever forget him The all, but subtle glances he stole Forcing me to remember the natural attraction The air always so still between us A familiar high amplified solely around him Mesmerized to the exclusion … Continue reading (Weak)end Vibes

(Not So) Random Obsessive Thought

Temptation is a dangerously wonderful thing. The delicate intricacy of how something can be both just out of reach and within reach eludes me. However, I do enjoy when temptation decides to let loose when sitting with me. He sticks around and kicks his feet up. He talks and all the while lets his guard … Continue reading (Not So) Random Obsessive Thought