It’s Been A While…Hey

I haven't wrote since my last post. For the non writer in me, that's just been a month. However, for the writer in me, it's been 3,097,383 seconds of me not being able to explain myself. It's been me trying to figure out what's going on with me emotionally and figuring out how to express … Continue reading It’s Been A While…Hey

A Long Awaited Epiphany

I'm always thankful for those days when I completely forget about us. Those days when I'm enjoying life as an optimist and not searching for answers as to why we never worked. On those days, I don't see your face flashing through my head. I don't hear your voice telling me what I should do … Continue reading A Long Awaited Epiphany

To An Addict, From An Addict Who Tried

I've seen you do it before In the corner when no one's watching Heard you in the bathroom stall Third from the left to be exact The twitching is methodic, isn't it? I guess you're sick of the constant sniffling Secret rendezvous spots behind the tracks I guess you haven't discovered the boiler room yet … Continue reading To An Addict, From An Addict Who Tried

History of “Trials of a Hummingbird”

I actually did this poem already, but I deleted it because it wasn't just about that. Trials of a Hummingbird was written a couple of days before my 21st birthday. It was during my junior year in college. I was one of those "do what you know" kind of people because growing up I was … Continue reading History of “Trials of a Hummingbird”

The After Thoughts

I heard there’s someone new now For a fleeting moment, I was sad Then the thought of past relationships Failed attempts, fluttered on by I began to wonder Is she nice to you? Can she cook like grandma? Does she laugh at your jokes? Has she sung to you? Is she enough? Does she give … Continue reading The After Thoughts

Love To My First Ex

I loved you... But it was my first time. Everything was new. Everything was different. I never knew I was capable of falling in love. Love was unfamiliar to me and I had to adjust. Yes, adjust. You see with family, I was myself. I was strong, willful, decisive. But with those outside of the … Continue reading Love To My First Ex

From The Spider’s Perspective

I'm hungry Extremely hungry But for what, I don't know I don't care It's been a while since this one fed me Maybe it's time to let it go Wait a minute It couldn't be I'm not nearly hungry enough to imagine this These tantalizing vibrations on my strings What the hell is this? So … Continue reading From The Spider’s Perspective

In Love With Spider When I’m The Prey

Hanging to what it was in the past Wanting this so bad it drives me mad If I could've been warned of how it would end I could've been prepared to revert back again Life without the lust is different to me Life without the sin ain't where I want to be Trust me when … Continue reading In Love With Spider When I’m The Prey